AGO has experience working with enterprises in a variety of industries enhance their business processes by migrating to the cloud. Based on this experience, AGO has a deep understanding of each industry’s unique complexities and expertise in how to deliver robust cloud solutions that are in line with industry standards.


  • Life Sciences
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Government
  • Nonprofit


Today, many life sciences companies are moving beyond the traditional contact center and building patient service operation centers that are staffed around the clock with a dedicated team that can handle emergencies, such as someone losing their medication supply, as well as gathering feedback that may be useful for refining different products. AGO can help life sciences companies improve their customer service operations , including technical support and complaint handling capabilities, by implementing Salesforce Service Cloud.

At AGO, our experts understand the ever-evolving demands of life science professionals and what solutions can help them rise to the challenge.

Featured Benefits

  • Managing opportunities
  • Quotes
  •  Support scale and efficiency


The healthcare industry is experiencing a dramatic shift. Cloud technologies and mobility are revolutionizing opportunities to improve patient experience, lower costs, and drive peer-to-peer collaboration. A critical part of delivering better patient outcomes is improving your customer service capabilities. Organizations need a trusted partner to help them succeed. AGO works with you to understand your challenges and tailor a solution designed to achieve transformation.

  • Faster access to information. bringing you closer to your information for both docs and patients
  • Salesforce 1 – mobility being able to access medical records via app
  • Tablet support
  • Secure network


The number of global consumers are rising by the day and consumer habits are constantly evolving. With competitive new brands, new shopping channels, and consumer expectations on the rise, retailers are faced with the challenge of effectively keeping up with both emerging and mature markets. Only those who develop operating models, processes and strategies that scale efficiently will survive. AGO understands the challenges of this fast-paced industry and what it takes to remain competitive.

  •  Marketing automation
  • Reaching customers
  • Managing marketing costs
  • Customer Acquisition



In the competitive world of financial services, banking, insurance, and wealth management companies must take advantage of every opportunity to engage customers. To drive growth, they need to understand their customers as people, not transactions. AGO consultants have experience helping financial services industry leaders innovate their systems and processes with cloud technology to get closer to customers.

  • Traditional customer relationship management (managing relationships, customer retention, forecasting, prospecting, lead generation, reporting)
  • Claims Process Management
  •  Scalable Call Center Management


Today’s multifaceted global environment is forcing manufacturers to seek new strategies in order to effectively manage a complex ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners. As customers demand more and competitors lower costs, fluctuating commodity prices and an ever-changing global economy threaten every manufacturer’s solvency. Only those who devise and implement agile strategies will survive. At AGO, we have an impressive track record of delivering flexible solutions that empower manufacturers to outpace the competition and adapt to constantly-changing environments.


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