Service Process Management

Increase efficiency and scale effective service by providing highly personalized, AI-powered service and support to your customers across all channels. Easily meet your customers’ service needs through email, phone, messaging apps, Experience Cloud sites, chat, SMS, and more. Automatically route cases to the best agent for the job and surface intelligent recommendations and actions based on trusted CRM data natively integrated into the Einstein 1 platform. Service Cloud helps you maximize productivity, resolve cases faster, and make your customers happier.

What can you do with Service Cloud?

Deliver efficient and effective service with one easy-to-use service platform.

Help service teams deliver accurate, faster resolutions with a unified and powerful workspace.

Case Managment

Give your agents the most relevant data and the right tools to support customers across all channels. Automate the distribution of cases across your service organization to ensure all customers receive the fastest and most accurate resolution.

Field service Managment

Omni-channel routing

Generative AI-powered service replies

Improve productivity with collaborative service.

Swarning with Slack

Instantly collaborate to solve cases, address incidents and complete field service requests faster by swarming in Slack. Quickly bring together the right experts with Expert Finder and kick-off a swarm channel directly from a case or incident in just a few clicks. Our native integration means your agents can participate in a Slack swarm without ever leaving the console, swarm members have access to critical CRM data and records from the Service Cloud for Slack app. Plus, swarming data is automatically sent back to Salesforce to ensure all context is captured in one place.

Workflows for slack

Swarning Reports and Dashboard

Empower agents and customers to quickly find the answers they need.

Knowledge Managment

Use knowledge articles to help agents and customers quickly find the best answers to common questions and resolve cases faster. Easily surface relevant articles and resources in your help center or agent console to reduce cognitive load on your customer support team. Instead of contacting an agent directly, customers can find the information and answers they need at their own pace.

AI-Powedered Article Recommnedations

Generative AI-Powered Search Answers